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Special Events

English Civil War Fleetwood Museum

Special events weeks give pupils and teachers the opportunity to immerse themselves in stimulating, hands-on activities in breath-taking historical settings. All sessions are led by skilled interpreters who bring our museum sites to life through interactive demonstrations.

Sessions last two hours, consist of 3or 4 activities running simultaneously and can be booked in the morning 10-12 or afternoon 12.30-2.30. We can normally take up to 80 pupils per session. Small groups are welcome but please note that depending on the number attending, pupils from different schools/organisations may be included in the same group.

Details for our 2018/19 programme:

Shakespeare Week
12th to 16th March 2018 Gawthorpe Hall
Take a journey into the world of William Shakespeare and explore language, storytelling, chronology and swordplay.
Telephone: 01282 771004

Seaside Holidays
14th to 25th May 2018 Fleetwood Museum
Stay in our Victorian seaside boarding house, make a pebble picture and watch a traditional Punch and Judy show.
Telephone: 01772 535075 or
01772 535327

Dark Age Week
4th to 8th June 2018 Clitheroe Castle Museum
Explore life under the Anglo Saxons and Vikings including domestic life, money, warfare and storytelling.
Telephone: 01200 424568

Castles And Castle Life
18th to 22nd June 2018 Clitheroe Castle Museum
Medieval domestic life, games warfare and crafts.
Telephone 01200 424568