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Schools' Portal Site Terms

The Schools’ Portal has been developed, to provide a single channel of communication between schools and Lancashire County Council. It is essential that the integrity of the system is maintained at all times. By registering as an end user you agree to abide by the terms and conditions below.

Terms used in this document

System - the Schools’ Portal

End user - a user registered on the Schools’ Portal

Terms and conditions

  • The Schools’ Portal is a secure site. Only registered users with valid passwords can access the entire system.
  • The system is available to any person who has been authorised by the relevant manager/ head teacher. Upon authorisation a username and password will be issued by email to the nominated email account.
  • An account will be created which is suitable for the role of the end user. If you feel that you need additional permissions or features please contact your head teacher or line manager.
  • If you do not use your Schools' Portal account for a period of 180 days we automatically disable your Portal account.
  • An end user must only use login details which have been issued to them for their personal use.
  • As an end user you agree not to disclose your username and password to any other person including your line manager.
  • To prevent unauthorised access to the system, do not leave your PC logged on and unattended. If you are called away from your desk whilst logged into the Schools Portal system, you should always activate the PC screensaver.  If you use a Microsoft Windows PC press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and then selecting Lock Computer.  If you use a Mac PC, open the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preferences panel, activate the Screen Saver tab, and click the Hot Corners button.
  • Always log out of the Schools Portal when you have completed your tasks.
  • Never write down details of your Schools Portal username and password.
  • For security purposes, the system makes a record, in a log, every time an end user logs in. It also records each item that is viewed by the end user during a logged session. This log will be monitored closely to check for multiple, simultaneous logins.
  • Data must only be shared with authorised persons.
  • Schools are responsible for identifying individuals who are authorised to view confidential data.
  • Confidentiality of data can be compromised by end users who save data from the system onto portable media such as memory sticks, CD’s or floppy disks. Portable media are by their nature, insecure, and such devices are prohibited within Lancashire County Council for storing confidential data. Schools Portal related emails should never be saved to non-LCC machines as there may be traces of content or attachments left on the PC cache area which could be read.
  • Confidentiality can also be compromised by copying and pasting information into unencrypted emails or other electronic forms, forwarding unencrypted emails to external users and also by printing out ‘hard copy’. When forwarding confidential Schools Portal emails
  • As an end user it is your responsibility to ensure the security of the system and confidentiality of data. If you become aware that there has been unauthorised access to your account, or there has been a breach of confidentiality, you must immediately inform the Schools' Portal Team at 
  • If you are accessing the system as a publisher, you will not publish any material which is defamatory, racist or abusive in nature.

Lancashire County Council reserves the right to withdraw access to the system, from any end user who is shown to be in breach of these terms and conditions.